Day five: a major slip

It was very naïve of me to expect that I would not slip on days four - five. Disaster recovery was successful and I am back on my track.
Some time ago, inspired by the "Band of brothers" miniseries, I watched "The Pacific". Both are good films, though I liked first one more. "The Pacific" depicts (surprise, surprise) the Pacific part of the WWII, which is also described in one of my favourite games — "Pacific storm". This game can devour 2 days of your life and you would not notice that. This happened to me — I almost conquered Dutch Harbor playing for Japanese when I realized that I did not sleep before my day shift. Yes, 1,5 days wasted, yet I am back and the experiment is still on.
Today I was not late for work for the first time in the last 3 months. Even though it is not controlled here at all and does not affect anything, I am happy. Those 2 productive hours of programming I mentioned before... I hope I'll have them today.
No picture/video for today, because I'm sirius.

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