Day six and seven: overcoming momentum and growing tension

I am on the beginning of day three since last post. After this is published, I am going to sleep. Or programming. Or tea. How do I use spoilers, btw?
Anyway, onto our main topic. Day six was my working day that was almost totally wasted. I work until 8 PM and sometimes stay at work with my laptop to learn something. This is what I did that time.
And here is where the most interesting part starts: I managed to focus and work for 3 or more hours and 3 more hours were not as productive as the first three. This fact makes me think that there are too many distractions at where I live. I slept at work for a couple of hours and woke up at 9.
When I got home, I understood that I'd have to cancel the night shift or switch it with someone else. Sneezing and running nose were starting to kill me and headache added to those two minor problems together forming a medium one. I had some hot tea, lemon, put on a scarf and went to sleep everything over.
Woke up at midnight and watched several films. This is where I am now: writing this report. 
By the way, if you wish to waste your time, try Uplink by Introversion software. It took me 2 hours to rob a bank and this is where I calmed down. Yeah, I know I am an addict.

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