The very first post

Some time ago I understood that my lifestyle requires serious changes. That happened when procrastination and laziness almost conquered me and chaos was present in every aspect of my life.
The most tricky thing about it is that you can't change everything in one move. A lengthy and complicated process is required here.
The reason I created this blog is to track all the progress from the very beginning. Another purpose is to trick myself not to abandon the process somewhere in the middle, when it starts getting tiresome.
It matters not who I am, but it matters what will be done in the next several months.
Consider this an experiment.


  1. Don't stop doing this. And i'll improve my english with your blog if you don't mind.

  2. A small pause in posting was just a slip.
    Thing is, I am coming back, which is the purpose of this experiment.
    I'd be happy if I could help you with your english even the slightest.