Day one: harsh reality

It is very difficult to change oneself. Several unsuccessful tries in the past made it harder to start over, yet outlined the general strategy and approach. I understood that the more revolutionary changes are, the less force should be applied at once and the more gradual these changes should be. Several tries in the past turned out to be a complete failure because all the transformation ended on day 5.
Now I am not putting many restrictions on myself. Of course, it could be great if I could wake up one day and become completely punctual and disciplined, but I know it wouldn't happen. One of the last books I read was David Allen's "Getting Things Done", its approach was not applicable to me. It contained several tools I borrowed, though:
  1. Trays, especially so-called inbox where I place everything that needs to be processed, but not now.
  2. Hipster PDA which comes in handy when I get these random thoughts about what I forgot to do or what I'll have to do tomorrow(next week, month, year). Here is the photo so that you know what it looks like.

First day was not that successful: I could not concentrate on the tasks I defined for myself, even though nothing I restricted myself to do was done. The reason for this is not that chosen strategy is wrong — it is that you cannot break the habit in one day. So I will keep trying. Here's some inspiring music for those who want to change their lives as well.

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